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Missions and Outreach Committee

Missions and Outreach Committee (MOC): The Missions Committee at Arden is responsible for the review and oversight of Arden's mission efforts, working with our missionaries, and facilitating missions trips, both local and international. We currently support 34 missionary units.

This committee serves Arden Pres through assisting the pastors in the cultivation of a heart for the lost in the Arden Church membership and providing regular training opportunities for the Arden congregation in the various methods of evangelism, as well as the development and implementation of local opportunities for evangelism and outreach. They are also tasked with the strategic development and implementation of both foreign and domestic missions philosophy and plan. Specifically, they receive requests and disseminate missionary financial support, host an annual missions conference, continually increase the congregation’s understanding and participation in world missions and outreach (especially that of Mission to the World), and recommend short-term missions opportunities, both domestic and abroad, to the session and congregation.

Current Committee Members: James Buckner (Committee Chairman), Sherrill & Nayla Babb, Barbara Byers, Dottie Campbell, Julie Eckes, Bob Gruninger, Jim Holland, Lisa Ladd, Bill Resh,  and Greg Senter