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APRIL 21: Order of Worship

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Sewing Sisters will meet Monday, April 22, at 9:30 a.m.

Join us! The Highlands Presbytery Women’s Ministry 2024 Spring Gathering will be on Saturday, April 20, from 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Covenant Presbyterian in Hendersonville. The speaker is Paula Miles. Cost is $15. Register at: or contact Jean-Marie in the office.

Collections for our Love Package sharing project continue until April 30. We will accept Biblical based literature, devotionals, study guides, magazines, both fictional and non-fiction, covering all ages. Please  place in manageable size boxes, example Ingles milk cartons which have handles and can be stacked. Bring them to the administration building to the secretarial office or bring to the church narthex, clearly labeled “Love Packages”. All contributions will be taken to a collection site where they will be sorted and distributed to world-wide Christian sites requesting materials. Please pray that all materials will be a useful tool to nurture those seeking biblical truth. Thank you for your sharing hearts!

Service Outreach Week 2024 is coming this summer! Students, get more info from the weekly email or student weekly email. Church family, we will offer ways you can help and support this great week of service and fellowship.


FAITH PROMISE UPDATE - James Buckner - Mission Pastor

The Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth is our Helper! We look to HIM to help us meet our Faith Promise Goals. In 2022 we ended the year in a deficit of $6,000. In 2023, we ended the year with a surplus of $32,000. From that surplus, with sessional approval, APC was able to distribute $25,000 to assist our missionaries requesting additional support: Mexico-$4K, Azerbaijan - $10K, Japan $6.6K, Latin America $2.4K, and RUF-WNC $2K. Our Faith Promise goal for 2024 $217,500, minus our actual giving to date $48,351, leaves us with only $169,149 to go. Would you join me and pray that we exceed that goal and thereby be able to increase support of our current and future APC missionaries. Mission Outreach Committee members include: Parvez Dean, Nita Emmett, Bob Gruninger, Brenda Hankinson, Jim Holland, and Bill Resh. If you would like to know more details on how Faith Promise giving is distributed, or would like to join the MOC, please speak to me or any of the MOC members listed above.