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The basic picture of the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Christmas project is presented here in these symbols. Incarcerated parents who are engaged with a prison chaplain are given the opportunity to request gifts be given to their children through the Prison Fellowship program, designed to make that love connection. By YOUR participation in the program, in prayer, buying a child’s gift, purchasing food items, a caregiver's gift card, or delivering these gifts, you are serving others in the name of Jesus.

ATMEach Advent season, the Angel Trees with angels and other ornaments will be available for choosing your gift(s). From the choosing of a gift to buy to the delivery of those gifts Jesus’ love and care for His children and families is emphasized. Please consider your role individually or partner with someone else, join efforts with a small group, etc., to bring a special Christmas gift to a family - restoring or strengthening that parent-child relationship and sharing our great Savior’s love.