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Sunday School - Adults

Adult Christian Education at Arden Presbyterian - Summer/Fall 2021

Revelation: A Letter from Home 

 Description:  This class explores major themes of the book of Revelation including, Christ’s victory and reign, Christ’s encouragement to the Church in light of this victory, and ultimately, the culmination of the Gospel. 
Primary Teachers: Kevin Martin and Brett Callaway
Location: Fellowship Room, Sanctuary Building – Lower Level 

How Then Shall We Respond?

Description: What is the Christian to do, say and think in response to some of the most pressing current issues of our day. What does a gospel-focused response entail? Should we respond at all?  This class is purposed to address these questions and more while looking to the book of Galatians to navigate class teaching and discussion.  
Primary Teacher: Steve Jennings
Location: Multipurpose Building – Upstairs, Room 206/207 

Departing in Peace

Description:  Though for the Christian death has been defeated and heaven awaits, too often the Christian struggles with facing death. It’s a taboo in our culture to speak of death and make plans for our departure. Come join us for this applied, practical class where we’ll look at gospel-centered end of life decisions, advance care planning, and being a voice in the care of your loved ones. 
Primary Teachers: Ken Crabb, Sherrill Babb, Chis Wright, John Gregory
Location: Lower Level Multipurpose Building – Gym

All classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30am - 10:15am. Currently, all meeting locations are set up for socially distanced gatherings.

For more information or questions, please email our Christian Education Committee chairman at or by calling 828.684.7221 ext. 311