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Sunday School - Adults

Adult Christian Education at Arden Presbyterian


Friendship Class

Primary Teachers: Kevin Martin and Brett Callaway
Location: Fellowship Room, Sanctuary Building – Lower Level 
Description: Brett Callaway is teaching a series on the history of the early Church (through about 300 AD). We can learn much from an understanding of these formative years of the Church, by studying the secular leaders and societal context within which Christ was born and ministered and the apostles and Church Fathers worked. Join us for this fascinating study.

Grace to Glory Class

Primary Teacher: Steve Jennings
Location: Multipurpose Building – Upstairs, Room 206/207
Description: This class seeks to grow in God's grace by studying His Word. We encourage active Q&A and discussion as we study books of the Bible, verse by verse. Currently we are working our way through the book of 2ndSamuel.

Sojourners’ Class

Primary Teachers: Ken Crabb, Sherrill Babb, Chis Wright, John Gregory
Location: Multipurpose Building – Gym  
Description: Using the book, “If God is Good” by Randy Alcorn as a guide, this class presents a challenging yet worthwhile study as we wrestle through earthy questions about the existence of evil in this world and God’s relationship to this evil. Looking to the Scriptures, we will affirm time and time again that God is indeed Good! Yet the existence of evil and suffering cannot be denied; Scripture itself makes the case for trouble and suffering. Our conclusion must be clear: As believers, we will suffer.  How should we respond? How will we respond?

All classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30am - 10:15am. Currently, all meeting locations are set up for socially distanced gatherings.

For more information or questions, please email our Christian Education Committee chairman at or by calling 828.684.7221 ext. 311