Worship Update July 9, 2020 

2215 Hendersonville Road, Arden NC  28704

Sunday School 9:30am | Worship 10:45am

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Sunday School - Adults

Winter/Spring Semester 2020

  • Class:4 Weeks in the Book of Acts, Pt. 1 
    Primary Teachers:Tom Meeks
    Location:Fellowship Room, Sanctuary Building, Lower Level 
    Description: Beginning with the first 7 chapters of Acts, we’ll study Pentecost and the story of Stephen as together we explore the Scriptures and see the practical application they have for our lives today. 

  • Class:Miracles
    Primary Teacher:Ken Crabb
    Location:Room 201/202, Multipurpose Building 
    Description: This class will explore the depths and riches of the Old and New Testament regarding Miracles. We’ll first explore the difficult task of defining what a Miracle is. We’ll then ask, what is the purpose of a Miracle? We’ll look at God’s Providence and wonder why we don’t see more Miracles like the Apostles did? We’ll ask, does God break the laws of nature in performing Miracles? As a class, we’ll attempt to answer these questions and then spend the bulk of our time looking at some of the 130+ Miracles (depending on your definition) in both the Old and New Testament. Come join us to marvel at God’s workings in the Scriptures and our lives.

  • Class:2ndSamuel - Verse by Verse
    Primary Teacher:Steve Jennings
    Location:Room 206/207, Multipurpose Building
    Description:This class seeks to grow in God's grace by studying His Word. We encourage active Q&A and discussion as we study books of the Bible, verse by verse. Currently we are working our way through 2ndSamuel.

  • Class:New Members Class
    Primary Teacher: Pastor Dwight Basham
    Location: Room 208, Multipurpose Building 
    Description: Curious about what it means to be a member of Arden Presbyterian Church? Want to learn more about what it means to be Presbyterian and Reformed? Are you currently a member and simply want to participate in this class again as a refresher?  This is the class for you! Please contact secretary Charlene Dalton if you are interested at (828) 684-7221, Ext 312 or ardensecretary@gmail.com


All Sunday school classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30am - 10:15am.

For more information or questions, please email our Christian Education Committee chairman at livernois.david@gmail.com or by calling 828.684.7221 ext. 311