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MNA - Hurricane Ian Relief

If you would be interested in being a part of a disaster relief team this coming late fall, please contact Jim Sherar at 828-778-4244. 

Mission to North America (MNA) Disaster Relief

WE ARE MOBILIZING VOLUNTEERS! Hurricane Ian came inland as the fifth largest storm to impact the US coastline, the largest storm to hit FL since 1935 and the death toll is the sixth deadliest hurricane in the US since 1980. Over 100 people lost their lives and the damages are historic. MNA Disaster Response is working with local PCA leadership to help all those impacted by this historic event. Three Volunteer Staging Sites have now been established so we are ready to mobilize outside volunteers to come and serve. The three sites are in the cities of Sarasota, Naples, and Cape Coral. The work at these sites will include debris removal, blue tarping, gutting and mucking homes that have taken on water, and other work based on skill levels.

If you are a registered MNA Disaster Response Volunteer, and you would like to serve as a volunteer for this event, please email with your name and contact information, and your requested dates of service. Spaces at each site are limited and will be filled on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis.

To donate to this urgent need electronically and safely: Or mail your gift, please mark your gift for Ian Relief and send to: Mission to North America - PO Box 890233 - Charlotte, NC 28289-0233.