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Sunday School 9:30am | Worship 10:45am

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Sunday School - Adults

Adult Sunday School classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30am - 10:15am. Below you will find descriptions of the various classes for the 2018 Fall/Winter Semester. This information will be updated on a regular basis as new classess are offered. Anyone is welcome at any time in any class.  

Class: New Members Class
Primary Teacher: Pastor Craig Sheppard
Location: Room 205, Multipurpose Building
Description: A class for those simply interested in learning more about Arden Presbyterian, those interested in learning more about Arden as they consider membership at APC, and current members interested in a refresher course of APC’s history, vision, ministries, and structure.

Class: Sharing your Faith with Confidence
Primary Teacher: Pastor Nathan Francis
Location: Room 203/204, Multipurpose Building
Description:Do you wish you could confidently share yourfaith? This class will teach you a simple way of explaining the gospel.

Class: Connecting the Dots of the Gospel
Primary Teacher: Mike Sease
Location: Room: 208, Multipurpose Building
Description: Together we will work through the essence of the Good News using Scripture, as well as the book, "What Is the Gospel?"by Greg Gilbert.We will aim to see the marvelous picture formed by connecting the "dots" of God, and thereby renew and deepen our affections for him. (Note: Although this book is not required, much more will be gained by having it. Please inquire in class for details).

Class: 1stSamuel – Verse by Verse
Primary Teacher:Steve Jenning
Location:Room 206/207, Multipurpose Building
Description:This class seeks to grow in God's grace by studying His Word. We encourage active Q&A and discussion as we study books of the Bible, verse by verse. Currently we are studying 1 Samuel. 

Class: Praying the Psalms
Primary Teacher: Tom Meeks
Location: Fellowship Room, Sanctuary Building, Lower Level
Description: The book of Psalms has been the prayer book of countless generations of Christians throughout history. Through teaching and discussion, this class will seek to discover the “how” and “why” of praying the very words of the Psalms to the very Author Himself.

Class: Conversations with Jesus
Primary Teacher: Ken Crabb
Location: Room 201/202, Multipurpose Building
Description: Our purpose is to understand the heart and mind of Jesus through conversations He had with people, and see how that understanding applies to us today. We define a conversation as an oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas communicated via context, spoken words, tone of voice, and nonverbal expressions. Class emphasis is on discussion with a minimum of lecture by the teacher.

Class: James – Fruitful Faith 
Primary Teacher: Margaret Chastain
Location: Parlor, Sanctuary Building
Description: This Senior Ladies Class is continuing our study in the Book of James, a very practical book which lends itself to good discussion! As we study together, we are learning how to observe, interpret and apply God's Word. All ladies are welcome to join us!