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Sunday School 9:30am | Worship 10:45am

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Sunday School - Adults

The Adult Sunday School classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30am - 10:15am.  Below you will find descriptions of the various classes and material they will study for the winter/spring of 2017 (beginning January 15).  

Grace to Glory Class (Room 206/207 Multipurpose Building)
Teacher: Steve Jennings
Subject: 1 Samuel
This class seeks to grow in God's grace by studying His Word. We encourage active Q&A and discussion as we study books of the Bible, verse by verse. Currently we are studying 1 Samuel. 

Friendship Class (Fellowship Room: Sanctuary Building, Lower Level)
Teachers: Brett Callaway, Kevin Martin, Tom Meeks
Subject: Bible-based topical study covering such topics as "How Do We Know What We Know?", "Authority," "What Is Truth?", "The Tyranny of Good Intentions," "Cheap Grace, Priceless Grace," "Suffering," and "Giving Thanks in All Things." Adults of all ages are welcome.

QuarterLife Class (Room 203/204, Multipurpose Building)
Teachers: John Paschall & Sammy Johnson
Subject: Current Events Through a Biblical Lens
This new class is targeted towards twenty and thirty somethings and will examine current worldly topics through a biblical lens. In such a secular influenced society, how is a Christian to react? Come enjoy open, respectful dialogue, share your own insight, and learn practical ways to respond to how the world says we should live. The forum will be a moderated, group discussion based in a casual atmosphere with multiple opportunities for fellowship.

Sojourners Class (Room 201/202, Multipurpose Building)
Teacher: Ed Germann
Subject: Trusting in God and Rejoicing in His Salvation
We often string a number of related Scripture passages together to see the beauty and consistency of God's Word….with an emphasis on “applying” what God says into our daily lives. The teacher often opens up the class with a portion of God’s Word and the class participates in lively discussion about the passage.  We grow together in trusting God and rejoicing in His Love for us as we share our hearts and our very lives in Christ Jesus!

Come and share the Joy of the Lord and the fellowship of His people in this interactive class! For men & women of all ages.

Senior Ladies Class (Parlor, Sanctuary Building)
Teacher: Margaret Chastain
Subject: Philippians
The Senior Ladies Class is continuing our study of "Joy! A Bible Study on Philippians for Women."  We are a small, informal group who meet in the Parlor on the main level of the Sanctuary Building. As we study together, we are learning how to observe, interpret and apply God's Word. All ladies are welcome to join us!

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